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I am hot to trot about all the media flack Palin is getting because of her quick rise to the top and her daughter’s choice to grow up a little early. But before I go on, I want to establish a few things:

1. I am an american. In fact, I’m a fat american who is upper middle class and white.
2. I vote for who I think is best to solve our problems in this country.
3. I usually vote more towards a republican than a democrat.
4. I will be voting for McCain/Palin over Obama/Biden because I think McCain/Palin will do a better job meeting my needs as a voter.
5. It is a free country, thank God, so these are my opionions. If you disagree, that doesn’t make you right and me wrong or me right and you wrong.

Ok. I have heard everyone from the Today Show to some of these liberal quacks completely destroy Palin and her daughter over the past few days. They have said things no one should ever say about another person to little jabs at how can she run the country if she cannot even manager her own life.

In short, it is making me sick and whether she is perfect and clean or not makes me want to vote and promote her and the republican ticket even more.
Certain things have always been off limits. Family is first and foremost and this should be a non topic. But with the greed of the media and the hatered of the liberals, they have made this an ugly bloodbath of irrelevent content.

No one is perfect, nor will we ever be. I try each day to follow God’s direction and live my life as he would want me to, but each day I fail. That use to push me away from him, but now I see more clearly his plan for me in a real world. When I fail, I actually get closer to Him. Polishing my rough edges and preparing me for his purpose when He is ready to use me.
The attacks on the Palin family is irresponsible in every way God wants us to live. You would think a bleeding heart liberal would accept this and them the way they are. Oh, but I guess that is the double standard. “We do not keep score in our league because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.” The same person also say, “It is perfectly fine to chose to kill a baby.” Kill away, but God forbid someone gets their feelings hurt. But I guess I’m no better because I disagree with their point of view.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that we are in a losing battle. We should Love one another unconditionally and help our neighbors. But human emotions are too strong. Our anger enables us to go after someone’s weakness, attack someone’s child or fail to listen to another’s opinion. Sharing an opinion is one thing, this attack is another.

All I can do is pray for favor and peace with the Palin family. Satan will decive, that is his only power. God gave us the power to destroy.

Until next we meet…


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